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Gail Siskind


Gail works with individuals who have encountered challenges to managing their own conduct. Faced with the possibility of limitations to their career or business, individuals can flourish by drawing remarkable strength from critical self examination; recognizing how conduct can affect others and creating explicit strategies for future positive engagements. In doing so, they incorporate the requisite knowledge and attitudes about appropriate boundaries, communication and behaviours in the workplace.


Excellent communication skills enable me to establish rapport, manage goal-directed and sensitive interactions. Each interaction with the practitioner models professional relationships/boundaries.


Well-honed assessment skills from clinical and organizational responsibilities are critical to understanding an individual’s ‘frame of mind’ and readiness for learning/commitment to change.


Coaching skills have been enhanced by having coached over 375 health care professionals in developing appropriate professional behaviours in the workplace.


A seasoned and thoughtful leader and expert in continuing education, administration and professional regulation, evidenced by many career successes.

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